Review of Sweet Darling Perfume

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Australian singer Kylie Minogue is one of my favourite singers.  I have been a fan since she played Charlene in Neighbours and I love her music.  Something else I also love is perfume and I admit to being a bit of a sucker when it comes to celebrity fragrances and Kylie’s are no exception.

Sweet Darling is a spin-off of Kylie’s first fragrance called “Darling.”  It is a lighter and sweeter version of that perfume while keeping the same kind of smell.  

Call me shallow but a how a bottle of perfume is presented is very important to me.  I love pretty bottles that will look nice on my dressing table.  For me, I am not just paying for the perfume but the bottle as well so I want something which is presented well.  

First of all the box.  The box for Sweet Darling is very pretty and feminine.  The front is a light lilac/pink shimmer colour which has a subtle hologram effect to it.  On this is some white floral décor which I think looks very pretty.  The name “Kylie Minogue” is in bold, black font and underneath, in purple font with a written scrawl look to it is, “Sweet Darling.”  On the back of the box is a photo of Kylie and a copy of her signature in purple.

The bottle keeps the same kind of theme as the box with similar colours.  Like the box, it is very pretty with a lovely feminine feeling to it.  The glass of the bottle is a soft shade of lilac and is frosted.  Despite the glass not being clear and having this effect you are still able to see the level of liquid in it.  

The shape of the bottle is different to other ones I have seen.  It has gotten away from traditional square or round shaped bottles.  The best way I can describe it is as flattened apple with the top cut off.  The bottle easily fits into your hand but don’t let that fool you into thinking it is small.  It is simply the shape.  I like it because it is not too bulky.  The lid of the bottle is a black rectangular shape made of plastic.  This pulls off easily to reveal a black spray top.  

Overall I would say that the packaging of Sweet Darling is something which is very pretty and feminine but also very sophisticated.  It is not too girly but also not very serious looking either.

I would describe the smell of Sweet Darling as being very sweet when you first spray it but quite musky at the same time.  It is a kind of in-between smell.  I think this makes it a perfume which is suitable for both young and older women.  In fact, you could say that is aimed at the same age group as Kylie Minogue’s music may appeal to.  This all goes with the look of the bottle and box for the perfume.  I think this is a perfume which has a broad appeal.  

Here is a look at the fragrance notes of Sweet Darling:
Top notes – passion fruit, freesia and lychee – These
Heart notes – boronia and cotton candy
Base notes – Australian sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla

When you first spray the perfume onto your skin the top notes are the most evident.  It is these which gives it the very sweet smell I mentioned earlier.  About two to three minutes later this starts to settle down as the heart notes become more evident.  If you spray this perfume and think it is too sweet for you I suggest you do wait a little to see what you think of it after it has settled down.  The top notes are the longest lasting.  This perfume lasted approximately two hours on my skin before fading away.  

As the different notes fade the smell gets less sweet and more musky.  


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