How to ease Arthritis Pain!! (Just Eat This)

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1 20080617eastkdtournament20080134_Thumb.j Lets start with pineapple. It has Bromelain in it that can help ease joint pain . Also an excellent source of vitamin C.(Broccoli) research suggests that this might block inflammation cox -2 enzymes.Also found in cabbage and or cauliflower. Bell peppers just eat one and it will give you enough daily recommended allowance of vitamin C. If you don’t have enough C vitamin you will get faster cartilage breakdown.

200711125thgradegradblake0069_Thumb.jpg Eat lots of cherries. A top source of anthocyanins that reduce inflammation. It can lower your blood levels of uric acid. They tend to bind up in your joints causing a lot of pain. Mushrooms are a great way to cut down on cancer besides being high in vitamin D which is just good for your bones altogether. Try to get sun it gives lots of vitamin D, all you need is a good 15 minutes a day. Stronger bones less pain later in life. Another good source of D vitamin is milk especially real milk not pasteurized. Oh yeah and sardines and clams and oysters are also good sources.

Cheerleaders-GalleryPlayer_Thumb.jpg Exercise,lose weight to relieve stress on your joints!!! Kale is also one of the more healthier sources of vitamin D. you should try different kinds of greens and soy, also take a good vitamin supplement with a meal like the one I have on my profile page. Also green tea and black tea is a great antioxidant to help block the production of prostaglandins which is known to cause inflammation. Try to exercise even if you walk to lose weight . As it will help to relieve stress on your joints. The more you weigh the more stress and wear on your joints which will end up being more pain in the long run.


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