How To Have A Career As A Stunt In Hollywood

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Doing stunt is a career category in Hollywood and it’s very lucrative and demanded. It can be difficult though because some stunts required you to have gymnastics skills such as extreme flexibility and a lot of difficult flips. Almost every single set will need stunts for their moves because most actors and actresses can’t do their own stunt. Some are not allowed to do their own stunt because injury could prevent them from finishing the movie. So this is good news for you. I’ve seen all kinds of stunts talent on set and they all have somthing in common and that is being in top shape and knowing their specialty very well.

You can turn your talent into a career and what you need to do is go and audition in Hollywood and you could get pick. You need to audition all the time for all the gigs. You do need to get an agent. This is the route that you will need to take. Some examples of stunts in Hollywood are karate, gymnastics,driver, cheerleadings, dance, fighting, falling out of cars, and shooting guns. There are many more categories but these are just some mainstream stunts. If you are good in any of these area or have a degree in it could really help you out. They would take you more seriously if you have a degree or have many years of experience.

Sometimes the stunt requires that you look like the actor or actress that you are doing the stunt for. You are doing a stunt in replace of the actors because they can’t or not allow to do their own stunt. Therefore you have to look kind of like them. I have seen how they chose stunt people before, and it turns out that the stunt resembles the actor a lot. For example if the actor has blond hair , thin and tall then the stunt look like this too. Therefore, it can be tough when it comes to doing stunt for actors because you need to look like them and this is how your agent would replace you with them. You can also teach the actors and extra on set if you know certain skills like karate, sword fighting, cheerleadings, dance, and so forth. You need to have good credentials. The more experience you have the better.

Any skills you have that can be use in Hollywood will be needed. You just need to pursue what you’re looking for. You will need to know that work is not all the time and that you will need to supplement it with another job. It’s rare that you will find work everysingle day because you have to look like the actors in some cases. If you do however get a gig then you can earn a very large sum of money. It could be around $10 k-40k for all of the time that you’ll be working in the entire movie.


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