Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

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People start their blogs/websites with great expectations and often end up failing after a month or two due to low and least amount of blog traffic. Increasing your blog’s traffic can be done through a variety of ways.

Today I’ll discuss as many of them as possible.

1. Link-Exchanging Link-Exchanging is one of the best methods of improving your blog traffic. Link-Exchanging involves requesting blog owners of similiar content to put your link on their blog but you should put theirs too. This is a good way of gaining indirect traffic.

2. Custom Domain People mostly use blogger or wordpress builders to build their blog. But they often forget that their address will consist of a ‘.blogspot.com’ or a ‘.wordpress.com’. This reduces in domain popularity and thus reduces your traffic. Setting up your own domain helps in search engine optimization; Hence resulting in increased blog traffic. And if you are going to set up your own domain, I suggest you use a .com domain as people who are not very used to the internet considers only an address with .com as a website! Believe me, I myself has believed that once!

3. Submit to search engines Submitting your blog to search engines like Google or Yahoo will surely increase your blog traffic since most people use them to surf the web.

4. Comments are ZERO If still the comments on your blog are ZERO, I suggest that you turn-off the comment service on your blog until you start getting more visits. You can know this by signing up at Google-Analytics. These are the best ways to increase your blog’s traffic. I am not saying that these will help you to emerge as the winner in the blogosphere, but these should help you saty alive in the ever increasing crowd of blogs!

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