How To Make Millions Directing Movies

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Movie directors are billionares. They makes tons of money. It’s an open field for anyone who’s interested. Unlike acting you have to have a certain looks with directing you don’t have to worry about anything except your skills and desire to become a good director. It’s a long process just like any other career and you have to be very outgoing and people friendly because you will be working with thousands of people.

The first step of becoming a movie director is getting the education required. You have to get a degree in film because when you audition for a job you have to have some credentials to show that you know what to do. You have to build experiences. Just like any other job , you have to have experiences. When you apply for a job you need to show them that you have education and that you have the experiences. Especially something so high cost like a movie, each movie budget is around $70-120 million dollar and you have to show that you can handle it well and that you won’t waste their time and money. Because this job is so delicate, it’s important that you know many employers well so that you can build trust and good networking with them. This will help more than anything and that is to build good networking with them.

You have to go to film school and they’re very impacted in state like CA. You can go to another state that is less impacted. Film school is very costly. You have to buy your own camera, and all else. Yes! It’s quiet costly and you need to prepare for that. You’ll also be shooting some professional film in film school and therefore you will need to save up the money and energy for that. You have to know what is coming. Your film might be put in the film festival too. Once you’re done with film school, you should start working in the film industry so that you can gain real experiences and start shooting film on your own. There you will meet producers and other employers that will be vital to your career. Make sure you know them and they know you. Keep in contact with them because you will never know when they will need to hire someone and you could be it. You will also need to join the union of directors in order for you to get pay well. Everyone in Hollywood have to join the union of they want more pay, more protection and be taking seriously. You will need to be an ethical one because you’re monitor by the director union and actors can report you and you can get penalize very well.


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