A guide to conveniently using Bing

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Google has monopolized the search engine business, becoming an idolized model and financial empire. That’s rapidly changing with the rise of Bing, MSN’s foray into the search-engine business. Make a beeline for their vibrantly appealing home page by visiting http://www.bing.com. As with Google, you can search the web for anything and everything, find photos and illustrations, along with discovering inexpensive and reliable internet prices on a vast range of products. Once you’re on the Bing home page, check out the Explore toolbar for the usual search engine options.

Quickly search images, videos, products, news, maps, and travel. There is one interesting feature you won’t find anywhere else. Hidden, like creamy chocolate morsels throughout your browser window are delicious links, the springboard to a fun-filled adventure traveling the web. To find these links, use your mouse to scan through the image. As you hover over the picture, square link boxes filled with a catchy link description will appear. Updated daily, these hidden factoids are an excellent, engaging slice of the web and conveniently easy way to get started surfing. Bing’s options and search crawling quality are nearly identical to those found on Google.

However, Bing’s colorful homepage and background are definitely an upgrade from Google’s dry, boring, and overly simplistic home page. Other than appearance and home page links, the only other difference I’ve noticed between the two search engines is Bing Cashback, the #1 feature and advantage to using Bing. Imagine using the convenience of the internet for many of your shopping needs, plus Christmas and birthday gifts. Now picture saving an additional 2 to 20% on almost every online purchase you make. All those little refunds add up to a big check in this rough economy. With Bing CashBack, you’ll be able to easily search for the cheapest prices on the internet.

To get started, head for the Bing website (Bing.com), click the shopping icon on the toolbar, and hit the “Cashback account” link. Sign up- it takes about five minutes- and start searching for music CDs, books, videos, electronics, and everything from lip gloss to vacuums! Most Cashback savings range from 4 to 8%. When you’re searching for any item on Bing, keep an eye out for the $ sign enclosed in a pale yellow circle alongside the lowest price and Cashback percentage. Bing calculates the Cashback figure and includes that in each price so you can easily discover the cheapest item. Plus, along with the listings, it’s easy to read reviews about most products. The best way to upgrade your Bing experience? Play with the system, try it for yourself and you’ll quickly increase search success.


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