The Difference Between Dreams and Reality

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The Beautiful Garden

Driving along the road I passed through a plantation of flowers. It was so colorful with all those pink tulips in bloom arranged in perfect rows. I stopped and dropped by to converse with the owner wanting to enjoy such scenery and ask some tips to apply to my own garden at home.

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I’m Being Robbed!

We were quite absorbed in our conversation when something caught my eye. I left my pickup truck idling thinking I won’t stay for long. Alas! Somebody, a guy in his late years together with a boy was stooping beside my truck probing something. I noticed the right, front tire of my truck was gone!

I rushed to my truck wanting to catch the thief. I caught up with them and asked the old man with hooded eyes and a white beard what he was doing. The old man was trying to evade my probing questions. With lightning speed, he and his companion quickly darted away. They escaped me. I tried to run after them but could not keep up. They’re so fast. The old man moves so fast just like an old Chinese kung-fu master.

Added Misfortune

I was glad the reserve tire was still there, but then again, I noticed it was out of air. I need to pump air into it but realized that I did not bring an air pump with me. I slumped on the ground and prayed hard for relief from my misfortune.

In a snap, all my concerns were gone! I realized it was just a bad dream. I got out of bed and peeped through the window to see my pickup truck, well, complete with the tires.

Why That Dream

Several months ago, a friend told me that they lost all the tires of their family car to a robber. Also, another friend sent me a collection of beautiful pictures in my e-mail. One showed a beautiful pathway grown with wild flowers.

This may have been the reason why I had that dream.

My dream seemed to be so real I really felt relieved upon waking up. I concluded that my dream was after all, just a coherent, logical construction of my mind based on previous experience of actual and related (from conversation) reality. I dub it as the Theory of Logical Construction of Dreams. How’s that?


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