Fix a slow computer

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What is slowly?. The computers are not designed to be slow, in fact if you could see that the microprocessor is doing, you will notice that most of the time really is not doing anything, just this waiting, this is because most of the things that makes the computer do not require much time for the microprocessor the operator. When you write a word, the computer spends an eternity electronically speaking hoping to write the following lyrics (even if you’re super-fast to write). And no matter how fast is your internet connection, the computer is literally yawn and Lima nails while expected to reach the next byte of information. Of course there are super-intensive operations such as manipulating graphics or movies, makes the computer is put to work hard, even the fastest computers have to expect when working with images. And some mathematical calculations made to sweat a bit microprocessor, but even so, the computer spends a good time while waiting yawn.

Why are the PC’s slow? Your computer can be slow for many reasons, too many to mention them all. But we will see the most common. Gap Hardware: The most common hardware failure caused delays on a computer is the hard disk, when a hard drive going in the latter, causing it to read and reread the information because of errors. (A hard disk can try to read data up to 3 times before reporting an error, andthe operating system can tolerate as many as 5 of these errors before reporting a problem with hard disk). When errors of this type has the best recommendation is to change the hard disk.

Programs Corruptos: Most of the sluggishness is caused by a spontaneous corrupt program, which can be damaged disk or in memory in any case, the response time of the program is erratic, affecting the overall speed of the computer. Virus: computer viruses can also encourage the PC, either damaging files or using existing resources of memory or hard disk, or you may also be designed to encourage your computer. In most cases, a corrupt or damaged ago that the PC is encouraged or begins to mark errors, arrangement or eliminates that program, and the problem disappears. Typically only to regain speed simply must restart Windows (be patient and wait for the PC is shut down normally and avoids the temptation to disconnect the power.

Things to regain speed. Apart from buying a new PC more, here are some points that you can try to get more speed. Remove what you do not need. Uninstall programs you do not use. Review programs that run when you turn your PC, and make sure that the utilities do not need to not work and you remove RAM or disk space. Install more RAM. A computer always falls well more RAM Check that you do not have virus. Estate attentive to memory leaks programme corrupt. Defragment your hard drive (especially if your hard drive is old). Check you have enough free hard disk space

By using your applications, avoid using many types of letters or paste pictures on the word processor until the completion this text. The word processors such as Word, really was encouraged when I add graphics or photos. Enter first and the final text adds photos and graphics. Whenever uses applications that are very publishers as plaintiffs photography or movies, try not to run other programs at the same time.


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