Guidelines to make a successful recruitment – CV / job resume

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Step 2- create a perfect CV / job resume

A perfect CV is included several items which gives employers a complete schema from job candidates.
1- Roles: indicate roles you are looking for, for example consider a mid-career person with industrial engineering background, based on his/her professions , he/she is looking for job roles like:
“Manager – Projects/ EAM/ ERP/ Plant Management/ Operations & Maintenance, Industrial Consultant”
Take a look at keywords, they show job roles and positions are appropriate for our candidate.
2- Career objectives: try to clearly state your career objectives, so the employer can understand in a brief content, who you are and what positions are you looking for.
Let me put you on the way with a simple example about a candidate.
“An engineer with an exceptional track record in handling high end projects, leading enterprise asset management initiatives as well as providing engineering solutions to some of the reputed entities in the region, seeking a challenging position with a dynamic organization to contribute accrued skills in achieving organizational objectives and charting a mutually beneficial growth path.”
3- Personal information: In next step state you personal information, just indicate to important criteria like:
Birth Date:
Visa Status:
Residence Location:
Marital Status:
Driving License:

4- Professional experience: in this part you must provide necessary information about your professional experience. You must refer to:
Your position:
Duration: from/to
Company Name:
Company Location:
Highlights of your position: briefly explain your role in mentioned company, try to indicate the most important parts of your position they can qualify you on that position.
5- Key responsibilities: you must refer to your main responsibilities which you have done on daily,weekly,monthly or annual basis.
6- Education: in education part refer to your education, the university/college you have majored, core modules of your study, academic highlights and research projects.
7- Skills: in skills part includes your skills and refers to type of skill / skill level / years of experience and last use of mentioned skill.
8- Languages: if you know more languages than your mother tongue, great. it will be a great advance for you. Indicate them as well as your skills.
9- Memberships: most of employers are interested to candidates they are active in public memberships and NGO’s. Memberships show how a candidate is responsible and has team working abilities.
10- Interests: interests make a preview from your personality. In this part you may indicate to your desired entertainments, hobbies etc.

Great, Now you have completed a perfect CV.


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