How to put background music on hi5

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Now, the way of how to put background  and add a player to your profile is simple. If you do not have a player on your profile, follow these steps: First we go to imeem to get the background music. After that, (1) looking for our favorite song, (2) chose to locate in “Music” and (3) we click on the Search ( “Search”). In the next image you can see an example:

Then you appear more results, as you can see. Make sure your song lasts between 3 and 5 minutes as it should be because sometimes there are songs with only 30 seconds long

After clicking on the song you want, you will see a screen like the image below where we should copy the code (where it says “embed”) that show them in the red circle and check the box where it says “Auto Play” if you want on your hi5 heard the song starts automatically when someone opens your profile.

Now if we go to our Hi5, we loging (logged). We look to our section “My Profile” and then on the bottom we will find a section that says “Interest”, there must click “edit this section.” Here we see a picture like the one below, where we paste the code that we copied in step 3 in the “Favorite Music” (or whatever you wish) and then we click the button below where it says “Save Profile”

And that’s it, now we go to “My Profile” and there should be heard our song


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