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Think about joining the Google Adsense. Adsense is the affiliate advertising program offered by Google. After you sign up and place the code on your website, ad boxes will appear on your site that are relevant to the meta tag keywords. You get paid for the number of times those ads are viewed, and paid even more if someone clicks on the ads.

Consider applying for a pay-to-blog program. There are many sites, like payperpost.com that pay bloggers to write on specific products on their sites. While some bloggers don’t like this concept, many have found that it can work seamlessly into the framework of the blog and is a great way to make up to $100 per post. Not bad! You just want to be careful not to overload your site with these type of posts, as readers will quickly see through them and stop reading all together, lowering traffic and lowering your revenue. 

Look into text Ads. Consider placing in-text ads onto your blog. Unlike Adsense ads or other banner ads, in-text ads appear as hypertext phases in the body of the blog post. These ads are great because they are unobtrusive and easy to click on. Kontera offers a great text-ad program.

Make it a point to join an affiliate program. Amazon.com, e-junkie, and other retail website offer affiliate programs that allow you to place banner ads or sell other website’s items off of your blog. 

One thing to carefully consider before starting any of the above paths is the affect it will have on your readership.  You don’t want to over-saturate your readers with ads, and you want to maintain a reasonable balance between original content and ads.  When in doubt, *don’t* ad ads! You will keep your readership, which is really the most important part of blogging.


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