How to Make Green Eyes Stand Out

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When dealing with green eyes, there are a few princples you need to keep in mind.  To begin with, some colors highlight the brilliance of green eyes more than others.  These shades are typically purples and golds. Plums, pale gold, and merlots are great choices. Try using an eye shadow in either of these palettes to make your green eyes shine.  Also try layering them: a gold-flecked purple is a fabulous color for green eyes. 

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your shadow choice.  Don’t shy away from vibrant colors – if you choose to go with a color other than gold or purple, like blue, green, black, or even yellow, go big or go home. Green is a powerful color and won’t fade under another bright color, so go ahead and make a statement!

One thing all green eyed beauties should never do is underestimate the power of eye liner! Green eyes look awesome when accented by ebony liner, or liner tinged with purple pigment. Top lids are a must, but lower lids are optional. Lining lower lids can give you a sultry look, while leaving them unlined makes your eyes appear larger.  When applying liquid liner, take your time.  You don’t need to draw the line in one long swoop, instead connect small lines together to ensure accuracy.  Liquid liner is also wonderful for achieving a cat eye affect or making a bold, thick line. 

Learn to love mascara! Add at least two coats of mascara that matches your liner color on top and bottom lids to frame your glorious greens!


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