Beware of spammers and spurious web sites!

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Beware of spammers and spurious web sites!

I have recently come across an amusing ad sponsored by Google, something about real estate. I simply clicked the ad assuming that it must have been a web site sponsored by a person who is doing real estate business and perhaps he has a novel name for his web site.

To my surprise, it was a web site offering to sell a plot in the moon for about a sum of around $ 1490.But you may not know the actual extent of the land that will be offered to you in the moon. Besides, the web site also offers to sell names of stars to name your beloved one for a damn cheap price of around $ 2990.It is a classic example for spam.There are umpteen number of such websites offering to sell land on the moon.They even divided the moon into number of zones, from which the proposed purchaser has to buy moon land.The web sites also maintain such land purchases in moon are legal under the international space laws.Though US was the first country to land man on the moon, it cannot claim any right of ownership over moon.The United Nations Treaty of Moon, 1967 has clearly enacted and stipulated that despite making astronomical explorations in moon, no country can make any claim of territorial right over moon. Still these sites offer to sell land in the moon that too through on line! Besides, if a person says that he has already purchased land from a moon zone from another company, they even make alternate arrangements and adjustments! What a fantastic way to deal with gullible people! Hence, it is our duty to simply ignore such ads in order to avoid from becoming a prey of such unscrupulous persons and web sites.

Similarly a few weeks ago, when I clicked another Google ad that was boasting itself as a freelancing site hiring freelancers and writers, I found it was also a scam, because, though the web site has a number of details about freelancing job opportunities, it does not have any contact address. When I further investigated, I found that the web site was previously said to be operating from US, but actually the site was operated and maintained from Ukraine, a small state of former USSR. In order to invite writers and freelancers, the site boasts of a fake address of US. It even hires freelancers for attractive monetary package say $10 to $ 20 per page. It promptly pays for small works completed by the freelancers say for a month or two; when the freelancers take up heavy subject projects, say one or more projects involving hundreds of dollars, the site extracts as much work as possible from the hapless freelancers. When the amount for the completed projects accrued in their accounts exceeds $ 200 or $ 300, the site never pays it. Going a step further, such sites either suspends their accounts for some flimsy reason besides not responding to the freelancers. The hapless freelancers get dejected since they cannot contact the administration of the freelancing site which hired them, because, the contact address given by them is fake.

But the Google continues to post such volume of ads by getting the requisite charge from such unscrupulous persons unmindful of the consequences or caring a fig for spammers. But we cannot do anything about it, because Google is a giant. Besides, Google can have no control over the operation and maintenance of such web sites nor it is their duty.

However, the freelancers should be wary of such spurious web sites; If you observe carefully, on the very first impression, you can find out easily whether a particular site is a scam or not. For example some web sites offer to pay for reading e-mails in hundreds of dollars in order to lure you towards their sites; they promise you to pay such dollars for reading sponsored sites sent to you through your e-mail. They even promptly credit dollars into your account say tens and hundreds of dollars on reading an e-mail. When the amount accrued in hundreds of dollars in your account, they never pay even single pence.

Therefore, before proceeding to sign up or register in a site, we should first of all check up whether the web site is genuine by checking up all its features, their contact address, if possible by giving a ring to the telephone number, mentioned in the site.You can also utilize the services of popular forums in web sites like,, and etc to check the veracity of a particular site.We can also get feedback through Google to check back their genuineness. Certainly, there will be an article from a hapless person who had been duped or cheated!



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