How to Write and Produce an eBook

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Start by picking your topic. You want it to be something you are very familiar with or knowledgeable about – don’t choose something you think will be popular if you don’t know anything about it – you want to write confidently and accurately!

Consider your own motive.  Why do you want to write this eBook? Is it for pleasure, for profit, or to help market a specific product or service? The way you write and organize the book will vary greatly depending on your desired result, so take time to think about this step and be honest with yourself!

Before you begin writing, create a book outline. In this step, outline the main points of your eBook from start to finish. If you are having trouble visualizing this, ask yourself what the main point or points you want the reader to walk away with are. From each of those main points, decide what points or facts compose it, and then break those down until you are at the smallest level of detail. This step is very important once you start writing.

Decide on a format and length. After you have the contents of your book clearly outlined, you need to pick a presentation format that will best communicate your points to the reader. You can write the book in a traditional chapter style, as a workbook, or even as a series of bulleted points. The length will also be greatly determined by your outline – remember, the length doesn’t really matter, it will only serve as a guide for you. An eBook can be five pages or five hundred pages, it doesn’t matter as long as the content is good.

Produce the content. Remember to keep your style clear, your language professional, and sentences concise. The readers’ attention is precious, don’t squander it making your point!

Edit, edit, edit. Nothing turns a reader off more than spelling or grammatical mistakes. Read through your final product several times – take a few days away from the project and then return and reread. It also helps to have someone else look at it.

Next, convert the document file to a PDF file. Most word processing programs are hooked into PDF software like Adobe and can convert document files to PDFs quickly. This is the best form for an eBook as it is the most accessible.

Publish! The final step is to get your eBook out to the world on your website. Send out emails, comment on blogs and link back, write ehow articles about it. Do what you need to do to get people reading your material.


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