Make Money using Google Adsense

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The first thing to do is register. The first thing you need to make money on Adsense is to register. Your blog or website will be reviewed by the Adsense team and if it meets their qualifications (see their site for more info) then you will be ready to go.

Next, consider ad placement. Use the code they give you to place the ads on your site in a visible – but not obnoxious – place on your site. Studies have shown the most effective region to place ads in to receive clicks is the left-side bar position. Ads in between blog posts and along the top bar of the site can also attract attention.  

Update your content often, make your posts at least 300 words, and use the ads with discretion.  Nothing turns a viewers off your site than having it be 70% ads and 30% content. Be sure to keep ads to a tasteful number and make them fit into the structure and layout of the site.

When writing site content, make it interesting to readers but also consider SEO. Keep viewers visiting you site (increasing the number of CPM view revenue) and keep the best ads appearing on your site by creating fresh, unique, and keyword optimized blog posts. Use the Google Adsense keyword tool to find the most relevant, and most searched, keywords for your site topic.

Start to build traffic.  After you have your ads in place and your content ready for viewing, go after potential readers.  the best way to get money from Adsense is through lots and lots of views. Some great way to gain traffic is to participate in blog carnivals, comment on other blogger’s posts, and participate in forums and message boards. Drive traffic to your site, and watch your Adsense numbers soar!


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