The Comfort of an Angel

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There are many types of angels according to peoples different beliefs. There are angels of human form here on earth, and there are the angels from heaven who are God’s messengers. There are good angels and bad angels. Do you believe in angels? A heavenly messenger of God. The comforting wings of an angel. The voices of angels who sings to ones soul. The angels that come and speak to one in dreams. The beautiful ones with halos.

Alone in my room I lay grieving on my bed.

I suddenly feel a hand touch my head.

God sent me an angel to comfort my soul.

I’m not alone now, her hand I will hold.

A comforting angel whom I did not fear,

stood there beside me and dried my tears.

I hear an angels voice, to my heart she did sing.

I even felt the fluttering of her great wings.

God sent me an angel to comfort my soul.

I felt her hair brush upon me, the long locks of gold.

The light around her was so very bright.

The dress she was wearing was the brightest of white.

She washed upon me the feeling of peace.

No longer did I have the weight of grief.

A glorious, heavenly, spiritual being.

I know now it was not a dream.

God sent me an angel to comfort my soul.

I will never be alone in the cold.

There have been many recordings of angels here on earth. The messages they deliver and good deeds. Do you believe in angels? I do. For I certainly write of experience.


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