Get Rid of Blackheads and Clogged Pores

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Try washing your face with a Blackhead Eliminating Scrub* Many companies, including Biore, Clean and Clear, and Garnier Nutritioniste, sell face washes that are specifically designed to remove blackheads. These scrubs are usually cream based and may contain exfoliation beads and acne acid to unclog pores.

Use a pore strip once a week. One of the most effective ways to remove many blackheads at once is with a pore strips. Pore strips are self-adhesive and stick to clean skin when they are wet. After the strip dries you slowly peel it off the skin and the blackheads are removed with the strip. Quick and effective, this is a great way to zap blackheads fast! Note: can leave skin slightly red for about 10 minutes after removal.

Try using a facial vacuum. Several companies, including Igia, create facial vacuums that suck dirt and blackheads out of pores. These small, battery operated appliances, and placed on clean wet skin and dragged slowly across the surface. They pull out blackheads as they pass over them. Note: if you leave the vacuum on a part of your face for too long it can break blood vessels and cause bruising or “hickey-ing,” that will remain visible for several days. To avoid this reaction, don’t hold the vacuum over any part of the face for more than 2 seconds.

If all else fails, remove by hand. If you have one blackhead that is nagging you, you can remove it by hand by placing pressure with your fingers on either side of it. Pinch your fingers together pressing down around the offending pore and the blackhead will work itself to the surface and can be wiped away. It is easier to do this if the pores have been opened with a steam treatment. No one said blackhead removal was pretty!


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