How to get your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend back

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You broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and now you want them back. How do you do it? Hopefully, you want them back because it was your fault that you broke up with them. Usually, a relationship won’t work out that well anymore if you have to keep breaking up and getting back. There was a reason that you broke up and hopefully, you don’t mind that reason anymore and that it doesn’t bother you anymore because it will still be there unless you can fix it. However, an experienced couple can break up over silly things and they can still rekindle the relationship. If you think that you can work it out then you should give it a try.

Once you broke up with someone, you have hurt them already so if you are trying to go back and forth you should be careful because they might get tired of having to break up and get back with you. It’s painful when you break up with someone and if you were the initiator. If you broke up with them, you have to start out by apologizing to them and ask them for forgiveness. You can say that you know that you have caused them pain and heart break but you won’t do it from now on and this is the only way to get them back. You can make it up with dinner or roses and chocolate. You can call them up personally and invite them to dinner and see how things will go. It’s no guarantee that they will take you back but you can give them a try.

When you’re out with them, you can tell them why you want them back. Maybe, it was a mistake that you broke up with them and that you did it out of insecurities or anger and now you realized that it’s not that big of a deal. When you’re in a relationship, small problems are magnified into a million more times because you’re in love. This is how it is like with love. People can break up with you for talking to your neighbor who happens to be a cute girl. They will never understand and you just have to accept that. People get so jealous in relationship that you will get burn if you’re caught with the opposite sex. My mother even gets jealous if my dad pays attention to the girls in the house who are her children. Yes, women are very selfish sometimes. I grew up having to live with my mother’s jealously for over a decade. It’s in her and I can’t stop it and no matter how hard I try to knock her out of it, she will be jealous monsters. So you do have to be very sensitive with relationship. People will break up with you if you’re not careful with their feelings. Yes, love is very strange. If you want your ex back, you just have to apologize, make it up with dinner and a gift and ask them to take you back. There is nothing more that you can do and it will depend on them if they will take you back. They might take you back and they might not but you have to give it a chance.


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