How to De-Clutter Your Desk

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First, clear the space. To start, pull everything off of your desk and out of your drawers. The best place to put everything is in a big spread on the floor. This is going to be painful, but is necessary for the organization process!

Group the removed items. Start sifting through the items and placing them into four categories: Every day use, occasional use, never used, and trash. Remember, items that can be trashed include silly, inexpensive, and unhelpful things, like that plastic tic tac container you got at the convention. Dump it!

Next, assign purposes to drawers. Look at the drawers or storage space you have at your desk. You should label one drawer for the following uses: every day needs, filing, and “junk” drawer. If your desk doesn’t come equipped with a filing unit, consider adding on. Any left over drawers should be dedicated to more filing or essential needs. You only get one junk drawer.

Tackle the top of the desk.  Think about the stop of your desk: what do you want up there? Things sitting on your desk will be seen often, thought of often, and take up space. Use it for a family photo, a computer monitor, and maybe a pen holder. The more stuff you leave up there, the less work room there will be and the easier you will be distracted.

Replace the removed items. Move the categorized groups of stuff from the floor back into their appropriate desk drawers. Occasional use should go into the junk drawer, trash in the trash, and rarely used items need to find a different home. Your desk is for current business work, not a storage unit for anything that needs room!

Before adding the items to the top of your desk, wipe it down to remove all the dust and polish the surface. Return desktop items, and there you have it, a perfectly organized desk! Now get to work!


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