How to Treat Arthritis in your Dog

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It is always a sad thing to imagine an animal that has to limp around, and needs help getting up the stairs, but these are some of the things that dog arthritis does. We know that arthritis is a painful disease that affects adults and children, but it is also one the main causes of chronic pain in canines too. Just like in adults and children, there is currently no cure for your dogs’ arthritis.

There are, however, treatments that you may use that can greatly improve your dogs’ mobility and quality of life, by reducing the pain and inflammation brought on by this disease. You may also try to take steps that may prevent your dog from getting arthritis at all. It is always important to keep your dog healthy by making sure he has a proper diet and a good exercise program. If your dog is overweight, he has an increased chance of suffering from inflamed joints. If your pet is already showing signs of arthritis it may be necessary to put them on a diet with a reduced volume intake, and make sure that they get plenty of exercise, while being careful not to overdo it. There are also anti-inflammatory, analgesic medications that you may get to aid you in the attempt to relieve some arthritic symptoms.

You may also wish to purchase supplements that contain Condroitin, Glucosamine, and fatty acids. These have also proven to be beneficial in the alleviation of pain from arthritis. Some people wish to use homeopathic remedies, which employ only natural ingredients to help with dog arthritis. Guggul and ginger are natural substances that have proven to help with the reduction of chronic and acute swelling. Two ingredients used to boost the immune system are milk vetch and ginseng. Cayenne is another natural ingredient used, because it is a powerful pain reliever. Since there are so many natural remedies to choose from, that provide relief with few side effects, homeopathic medicine is becoming a very popular way to treat the effects of dog arthritis.


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