How to Make Flea Home Remedies for your Pet

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Some pets are even allergic to fleas, so you want to get rid of them, but don’t want to use flea powders and such that may have toxic ingredients in them. Yes, there are a few flea collars that you can get from pet stores and veterinarians that are safe and effective, but they are usually expensive. It really starts to add up if you have multiple pets, and since I do, I have looked into alternative and less costly methods that can be done at home. One method is putting some garlic and/or brewers yeast into the food of your cat or dog.

The theory is that fleas don’t like it and after it gets into the bloodstream of your pet, the fleas won’t want to bite them anymore, and will either starve or leave for greener pastures. Mixing four parts borax and one part salt together and sprinkling it over your carpet is another popular method. This mixture works by settling down in the carpet where the fleas are. It kills the fleas by dehydrating them, and also kills the eggs they lay. Then you can just vacuum it all up in a few days and be done. It is important to leave the mixture in the carpet for at least a few days though, so it will have time to properly dehydrate the fleas.

Some people prefer to not let toddlers and small children on the carpet while this is being done, even though it is said not to be toxic to animals. You can also put rock salt into small trays and put it under the furniture. Make sure you put it out of sight and out of reach of pets and small children. And it is not terribly effective against eliminating fleas, but it will slow down the rate at which they multiply. Other more tedious and less effective methods are also available.

Combing the carpet for fleas is very slow and time consuming, and only works on the immediate problem. Putting moth balls in your vacuum cleaner bag may kill the fleas and eggs that happen to get caught in there, but also isn’t very effective.


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