Proof and Fire in the Great Awakenings series by Bill Bright and Jack Cavanaugh

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Aspiring lawyer Harrison Shaw, poor and from the wrong side of town, is given a coveted internship position with New York attorney J. K. Jarves. When a defining choice turns a mentor into an enemy, Harrison’s dreams seem hopeless. But that’s only the start. Jarves will stop at nothing for revenge, even if it means taking Harrison’s church to court. As the unprepared defendant, Harrison must provide Proof of the Holy Spirit’s existence.

A Fire haunts Josiah Rush’s past in Havenhill, and now he is returning to take the place of the beloved minister, and his intended’s father, who perished because of Josiah’s carelessness. Amid the hostility of the townspeople, Josiah senses a spiritual disease permeating Havenhill. He concludes that the only cure comes through revival, but someone is willing to do anything to stop him.

Master storyteller Jack Cavanaugh brings to life Bill Bright’s heart for the great revivals of America’s past. A unique and unpredictable plot threads through each of the books, creating pulse-pounding historical suspense. Characters push at period confines while still remaining realistic and interesting, with depth and authentic motivations. Accurate historical detail provides fascination but doesn’t overwhelm readers. The dialogue clearly belongs in the time period without awkward phrasing to trip up the prose. Humor is rare and understated. These books offer unparalleled insight into times of history that are often forgotten, giving both teens and adults information and adventure in a fast-paced tale.


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