Articles that POP – Quick Tips to make yours top performers!

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Anybody can write articles, but how do you write eye-catching articles that urge people to click-thru?

There are a few basic tips and techniques you can use to improve your articles.

  1. Title – The success or failure of your article is often the first 2 or 3 words of your title. People find articles primarily from search engines. Those first 3 words are the ‘attention grabbers’ that will get people to click. Get your keywords in first, and then can add some zing with “top 5 tips”, etc.

  2. Summary – You should use a summary, as this is the ‘teaser’ that gets people’s attention to continue. Don’t repeat your title, use a URL or email address, or an overt sales pitch. Make them short (2-5 sentences), specifically address the point of the article (based on the keywords you’re using, right?!), and write them to be catchy. The best way to learn? Read others!

  3. Body – you’re focusing on 4-7 keywords writing your article. Use the following structure in the article itself – Intro, “meat” (typically bulleted or numbered), closing. Make sure you have 2-7 bullets, and lead into them with your intro of “here’s the challenge we face. Here’s how you address it” style. Close with a summary similar to ‘if these are the problems you’ve been having, these techniques can help you overcome them!”

  4. Resource box – the least understood of the sections! You want 4 things in my opinion:

    1. Your name

    2. Something to ‘brand you’ (not a URL, but something to make you memorable)

    3. A ‘blurb’

    4. The url you are advertising

In the Resource box, you need to have your ‘blurb’ FIRST! Studies show you will achieve a much higher CTR when your ‘hook’ reads as part of the accompanying article. As for the branding – try something catchy so they know it’s you when they read another one of your articles. Some article directories are adding social networking components, and this habit can only help in the future to encourage people to add you as friends.

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