Why do we need a God?

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  I have been wondering if there is an almighty god that watching over us all the time, i can still remember that when i was in high school, i almost dropped school looking for books and passages about God, Jesus, holy spirit and everything that related to people’s believe, as for now, with the music “amazing grace” playing in my earphone, i would like to say:” It is better to have a god with us…”

   First, with the concept of God inside us, people would not do anything that “evil”. Although, modern law system has used more often and efficient than the gospels of bible, but to some extent, the law can only stop people from doing something, but it can not change people. Eventually, people will start to ask themselves “why not?” Further, bad thing is most likely to happen. Just turn on the TV, and watch the news today, i would say it is not difficult to find some news about “murder, killing, rape, assault, kidnapped, humiliation,etc”. By having God above us, people, at least, acknowledged that there is someone watching, someone does cares about what they have done through their lives. 

   Secondly, through out history, religion has inspired many forms of art. Today, if you go to Louvre, Paris, you will find many paintings that describe some scenes from bibles; In music, many artist, more or less, found themselves very “productive” if they have a positive view of religion. In writing, it is impossible to count how many people have quote the messages from bible, relate religion, angel and disciple. So in a matter of aesthetic beauty, religion has done more good than bad.

   Third, in the prospective of children, it is more easy, clean and kind to understand god than to understand “truth” in the world. Here, i don’t say the Christian is not true, i have no interest (as I am writing now) to debate this topic, people are still arguing nowadays (if interested, please visit ultimatequestions. org), but compare to the brutal truth, like ” people have sex to born child; if you dead, you are the food of worms, etc), the concept of god is more “kind” to be revealed to children.

   Thanks for sharing; I will keep posting any thoughts to continue the passage 🙂


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