Falling to Sleep Quickly

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To fall asleep quickly, we may create imaginary places. We may do this by closing our eyes and feeling ourselves to be at rest. We should be relaxed. We may imagine a pleasant surrounding such as a meadow or a location by a lake. We are free to choose any location.

Listening to soothing music may help us nod off. The music we select should not be tense but relaxing. If we listen to a CD player or radio which we can set to a timer, we have the convenience of not having been concerned about being awake enough to turn our music off.

Perhaps we can repeat words. Are there words that are meaningful to us that we can repeat as a form of meditation? Repeating words can help us not to think intensely and we can quickly fall asleep. Additionally, we can use repetitive imagery in the same way.

We can also read but nothing too interesting otherwise we may find it more difficult to go to sleep. If we read something mundane we are more likely to dose off sooner. Perhaps reading the weather section of a newspaper may help us?

We must make sure that our sleeping nest is quiet and dark. Bright light and disruptive noise is sure to keep us awake. Are our curtains and shades drawn? Are the neighbors quiet tonight?

Breathing slowly and deeply can also help us sleep quickly. Perhaps we can also engage in heavy physical activity before we sleep but we must be careful. Often we can become more alert than ever. Additionally, we need to be careful about over extending ourselves. We may need to consult with a physician regarding our level of physical activity.


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