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Either you are building a website or merely creating Power Point presentation, looking for nice and free images always been a big issue as if you don’t know where to get those FREE Photos, you will then need to purchase them and some are real costly.

Thus, I have compiled here a list of sites that you can get some free stock photos or free images :〈=en – Highly Recommended!

Just to add on to the free photo sites, although some may not be stock photos, but those two well known sites have still a lot of cc-by and Public Domain Images :

Wikimedia Commons ( check the “content / By license” sections )
Flickr ( ) – Make sure you read the Creative Common License.

There’s also a list of Public Domain Images Resources on wikipedia :

Some of the photos may require a link back while some of them need no such thing. The policies vary from site to site that offers free stock images. Always read the terms and conditions before using the images. Make sure that the photos you use are legal for your site. For example, some might be free only for non-commercial used or some might not allow you to modify.

Read the Creative Commons license fro each image (should it have) to understand just how much liberty you could take with the image and how you can credit the owner of the image in your post.

By the way,  Royalty-Free Images are not FREE.  Normally they are sold with extensive licensing rights on a flat rate basis.  You can check out the usage of royalty-free photos on , a good place to buy photos.

If you know any more good free stock photos sites, feel free to add on at the comments section.


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