Balsam Christmas Tree Are Excellent

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Our area has a number of tree farms. Most people are unaware of the amount of work that goes into growing a Christmas tree. You need to plant, trim and harvest them and most farms keep a variety of them due to the different growth rate for each species. Since we live so close to several tree farms, we cut our own tree every year. Mostly it is a balsam Christmas tree.
During my childhood, my parents had Norway pines growing on one end of the property. Each year we cut down one tree and dad would shape it up before bringing it in. it was difficult to hang decorations and ornaments with all those long needles.

Since my marriage, we have tried various trees but the favorite remains the balsam Christmas tree. Though the blue spruce looks good too, it is so prickly you need gloves to put the lights on it! Other than being soft to the touch, the balsam Christmas tree has a wonderful fragrance. Its short needles and sturdy branches make it easy to hang lots of ornaments. The usual trouble of shedding that you may face with other needle varieties is not a problem with the balsam Christmas tree.

When we went out to cut our tree last year we were informed that a new field had been opened for cutting. This new field had the balsam Christmas tree that we wanted but also had numerous Frasier Firs. The Frasier fir is the most fragrant of all evergreens and does not shed needles either. We had tried one a few years back and had really liked it but the branches are very soft. Most of our heavy ornaments collected over the years cannot be hung on it. Due to this most of our ornaments that had the most meaning to us had to be placed in the inner branches of the tree. This made us decide not to spend that extra amount for a Frasier fir again.

Most of the tree farms offer bagging services as well as a shaker service for the trees that you cut. The trees are placed on automatic shakers to rid it of dead needles and any other debris. Then it is shoved into a barrel with netting on the end which is cut to the length of the tree and tied on both ends. This makes transporting the tree easier as well as getting the tree inside the house less of a nightmare. The tree growers always make getting your Christmas tree an enjoyable affair. This year, we are looking forward to getting our balsam Christmas tree again.


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