Acids and Bases

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Acids & Bases

PH scale:

0 – 6.9   Acids : Citric Acid

7  Neutral : water, blood, etc.

7.1 – 14  Bases : Ammonia

There are many different indicators, here are a few examples: Phenolphailene, Blue Litmus paper, Red Litmus paper, and PH paper. (= Acids stay red on red litmus paper, turn purple on red litmus paper, and red in phenolphaliene. ^_^ Bases stay blue on blue litmus paper, turn purple on red litmus paper, and blue in phenolphaliene. PH paper is determined by the scale on the side of the case. =) Make sure you use the right tools and equipment when you are identifying acids and bases.

Safety: If you spill an acid on yourself and you have no way of getting to water, you should use a base to water it down. Use safety goggles, an apron, and gloves when working with dangerous acids or bases. Pull your hair back, and use tongs or safety mitts when lifting or moving a heated acid. Also, dont heat a liquid in a closed container.


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