What Is Time?

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What is Time?  A condition hard to define

Is it the movements of hands on a clock?

Is it the chiming of bells inside-

Or the pendulum on its never-ending rock

Some say it’s locked in the fourth dimension

And while in the third we cannot understand

But what!  Is time controlled by circuits,

Or even the constant flow of grains of sand?

Time never tires, ours become less and less

Even as I write…the minutes progress

Life is made up of numerous years

Years are measured by the passing of time

Time made up of days, made up of tears

Beyond the ken of a mere human mind

But Chronos is indeed the subject of dreams-

Dreams the tell but do not explain

“The period during” the book says it means

But what does it tell, the words are the same

And so time stays in the realm of ignorance

While men will watch with pieces of elegance

__________End of Poem_________________

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