How To deal With Those Upcoming Christmas Charge Bills

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The holidays are a joyous time of year.  Gift giving is a natural part of holiday celebration.  There is a way to deal with those upcoming holiday bills that none of us look forward to.  Remember, there is a way to enjoy the holidays and still be able to tackle the bills that you will soon be receiving.

 Many Americans end up charging holiday gifts and deferring their payment for a few months.  However, many times we don’t think about the bills that haven’t been sent to us yet.  You should start thinking about paying those holiday charge bills.

 First, you should set enough money aside ”now” so when you receive the bills in the mail you will have the cash to pay off the charges.  In addition, if you simply can’t pay off the charges, you should pay at least half of the bill or as much as you possibly can.  You want to prevent the interest from accumulating as much as possible.  Many department stores offered deferred type billing.

 Finally, enjoy the holiday but keep in mind that bills are on the way.  Don’t forget that anything we charge must be paid for sooner or later. Keep in mind, the majority of Americans do charge holiday gifts.  It is really only the privileged or wealthy that is able to pay cash or pay off their holiday bills within 30 days.   Try your best not to over spend when purchasing holiday gifts. It isn’t the gift that counts; it is the thought behind the gift that matters.  Have a great holiday season!!


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