How to Medicate your Dog with Heartworm

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This malady actually manifests itself as worms that infest the heart and blood vessels, severely slowing, and eventually even stopping, the flow of blood to the brain and other major organs.This disease will cause changes in your dog such as loss of energy, loss of appetite, severe blackouts, and loss of consciousness. It is important to seek methods to prevent your canine from being infected. One very effective method of heartworm prevention for dogs is to administer a monthly dose of heartworm medication.

Two brand names of this drug are Heartgard and Proheart, and they come in the form of a chewable treat that your pet may find delectable.This makes it much easier to get your dog to take his medicine. Topical creams and solutions are also on the market that can be used as heartworm prevention for dogs. Most also have ingredients in them that will prevent against fleas and ticks if used properly.It is not clear, however, if they are as useful or effective as the chewable tablets, so you may want to seek the advice of a veterinarian before using this as your main prevention method.

Most pets are infected with heartworm through the bite of a mosquito.These insect’s breed mainly around trees and water sources and their populations increase during the summer months. It may be helpful to keep your pets indoors as much as possible when the mosquitoes are more prevalent. It is always a good idea to take your canine to the veterinarian for a regular checkup.Your vet can screen your dog (and cat) annually for this disease with simple blood tests that usually only take a few minutes.The vet can also advise you on proper diet and exercise, and other simple rules that you can employ to give your pet the long and happy lives they deserve.


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