How to Treat Kennel Cough with Ease

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It usually appears in animals kept together with other animals in kennels or one back from an extended veterinary office visit. It may be a mild case or be very severe, but it is usually very treatable.Some very mild cases may improve on their own, but if they don’t, some sort of treatment may need to be administered. There are more than a few opinions on how to treat kennel cough, and one popular way is with antibiotics. The antibiotics address the problems that are caused by the bacteria that have invaded your dog or pet. Moderate use of antibiotics can usually quell the animals’ coughing problem within a short period of time with no problems.

However, over-use of antibiotics may weaken the canines’ immune system, possibly causing other long-term problems. Since antibiotics only solve bacterial problems, the animal’s natural immunities are needed to take care of the viral infections. Another popular view on how to treat kennel cough is through holistic methods. This involves the administering of herbal or natural medicines in an attempt to cure the problem. Natural remedies are believed to be able to solve the same problems that antibiotics do, without their tendencies to build up toxins that weaken your dogs’ natural immunity. Herbal methods are also believed to bolster the immune system, helping get rid of the viral infections that usually come with kennel cough. Bryonia and Phantago Lanceolata are popular herbs that may help with cough and mucus.

Echinacea Purpurea is reportedly good for eliminating viral infections, and Ferrum Phosphates are supposed to send iron and oxygen to build up blood cells. Keeping your pet healthy is one positive way to maybe avoid illnesses. Regular exercise and a healthy diet of raw and unprocessed foods are very good preventive measures. Avoiding pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides, smoke and maybe even the stress of being boarded may also help to keep your animal healthy and provide a long life.


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