How To Be Attractive To A Man

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1. Attractiveness- Men like it when a woman makes a special attempt at looking their best for them. Never compromise your personal style, but make a point of asking him what he thinks of what you are wearing, how you wear your hair and the scent you chose. Taking it well either way will contribute to whether he is truthful with you in the future or not.

2. Communication- A man wants to have someone to converse with. Some one to exchange ideas and even spar with. He is attracted to a woman with an opinion and a sense of humor. Communication is very important in a relationship. Make your feelings known in a respectful and tactful way.

3. Trust- A man needs to have time for his own interests and to indulge himself away from the relationship. Without the dark shadow of mistrust this works as a aphrodisiac. Jealousy, on the other hand, works to eat away at the foundation of any relationship. Don’t let it in. Don’t even hint at it.


4. Love- Men enjoy the sentiment of seeing the love in your eyes, the meaning in your words and the caring in your deeds. They need plenty of love just like women do. Being consistent is important and means a lot in the direction a relationship will go.

5. Sex-Good communication is a fundamental part of good sex in any relationship. Men like you to show you care by sharing in the duty of making the first move. Letting them know what you like is also likes by the opposite sex.


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