How to Install Smoke Detectors

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First of all smoke detectors must be installed no more than four feet away from door opening,and in each bedroom and at least one per level of house .To start decide where within the four feet you would like to place the detector.Make sure not to cut into a ceiling joist.Sometimes its best with two people.One in the attic and one on a ladder in the room you plan on installing.The person on the ladder should tap on the ceiling in the spot that you would like to place detector.The person in the attic should locate spot by feeling/hearing the tapping.If no ceiling joist in the area continue or move over enough to fit the four inch box.

After locating proper positioning move insulation back out of the way.Use 4 inch hole saw to cut hole or a keyhole saw should suffice.Using a keyhole saw you should trace the size of the box to ceiling and cut on the inside of the line by at least an eighth of an inch.After hole is cut pull 14/3 wire through hole and repeat the previous steps from bedroom to bedroom to interconnect smoke detectors.Smoke detectors should be interconnected so that if a fire starts someplace the first detector can alert all of the other detectors and therefore have a greater chance of saving someones life.

Push wire or wires through work box.Make sure to strip sheathing back so that about four inches or so of wire comes through.Screw in old work box with drill do not over tighten screws.Wire smoke detector pig tail to wires.A red wire to red, black to black, and white to white.After wiring the pig tail.Use the #8/32 machine screws to screw up detector plate.

Plug in pig tail until you hear a snap.Pull out battery back up tab and twist on Smoke detector.After installing all units.You then must hook them up to a constant power source.A pull chain light in the attic for example would be fine.Turn power off and wire just the black and white wires in and leave the red one capped off.The red wire is for interconnecting smokes.Turn power back on and check to see if all detectors come on at the same time.If so presto safety at last.


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