How To Make Good Choices At The Grocery Store When Dieting

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1. Buy a water filter or water filtering pitcher. You can save a lot of money using a water filter instead of buying bottled water. You will find that the flavor of filtered water is much more pleasant and since drinking 8-10 glasses a day is healthy this will make it easier to do.

2. Fill your cabinet with seasonings and spices. Some options might be salt-free seasoning( Italian, chives, basil, Cajun) and herb-infused oils (chili, garlic and oregano).

3. Stock up on fat-free microwave popcorn. It makes a great afternoon or evening snack and one cup is only 15-20 calories.

4. Important to your diet is whole grains for fiber. These are such things as brown rice, whole grain wraps and pitas, wild rice, barley and oats.

5. Dairy products such as non-fat or low fat crumbled or shredded cheeses, soy milk, low fat yogurt, 1% or low fat cottage cheese, and ricotta are great to have in the fridge.

6. Keeping washed grapes, tangerine or orange segments, strawberries or blueberries in clear, durable containers are great for ready to eat snacks. The same with such veggies as baby carrots, celery, snow peas and cucumbers.

7. Keep a bag of dark chocolate chips in the freezer to help with those sweet cravings. Melting a small handful of the morsels for a fruit dip or added to yogurt can do the trick.

8. Keep your freezer stocked with fruits and vegetables. The frozen variety is just as nutrition as fresh. Sometimes more because the fruit is frozen soon after being picked and so it is not exposed to air or light.


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