How to not destroy a relationship with little mistakes

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Little things in a relationship can make you want to break up or get a divorce. You might think that it’s little but your partner might think it’s a big deal. How about if you fly to meet up with a friend guy? You think it’s harmless since you two are just pals but your husband might be waiting at home with a divorce paper. This is what happened to one woman as I read the story from a forum.

She flew to see a man who’s married that she chatted with online and she thinks it’s not big deal. Little did she know that her husband is waiting at home with the divorce paper. He told her not to go and that he’s considering it cheating if she will go but she went anyways. The couple is in debt and has no major assets. I’m thinking that this couple is tired of each other’s finances problems and she might find a wealthier guy. I think that she no longer cares about her husband anymore. It’s out of the ordinary to have a wife who would fly out to see another guy for non-cheating reasons. When you’re married, you have to be committed in a relationship for better or for worse.

Although the wife thinks it’s little and it’s no big deal that she’s just escaping the problems in her relationship with a little trip with a friend but it destroyed her marriage. How about dining out with a female friend of yours without your girlfriend and having her caught you? You might think that it’s just a little friendly dinner but your wife or girlfriend thinks otherwise so it’s very important that you don’t let them see it. If you’re going to do it, you have to hide it from them or just not tell them about it.

No matter how casual your relationship is with the other woman, your girlfriend will never perceive the two of you as friends. This is how girlfriend thinks and even if it’s distorted, they will still think that way, even if you break it down to them in a million ways. If you’re smart and you want to keep your relationship, you will stay away from these scenes. Yes, little things can break your relationship permanently so you should be mindful about these little things. I know that I broke up a very serious relationship over a little problem. I kept on seeing the guy I was dating with his female friends. He went to lunch with her at work and then he flirts with her at work or in the hall way and I work with them too so I finally call it quit. I don’t think that he’s cheating but it’s a sign of disrespect for me so I can’t take him on anymore even though I might have over-reacted. It’s my perception that lead to the break up and he regretted it but it’s too late to turn back our relationship. It’s so damaging already. This is why you should be careful how you act around your girlfriend.


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