Whose heart will be broken on Christmas day

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On the day when the world will be celebrating the birth of a child who changed the face of all humanity, the Staples Centre will certainly be staging one of the hugely anticipated matches in the NBA this season. The Lakers led by their skillful Kobe Bryant will host the amazing King James and his entourage, who will be arriving wrapped up in Cleveland Cavaliers navy blue colors.

Unlike other popular matches where past rivalry catalyses the tension of the encounter, the Lakers and Cavaliers don’t share a long history that is characterized by rivalry. The thing that makes the games special is the presence of Le Bron James and Kobe Bryant both on the court, playing against each other. Games like this remind us that it’s not just rivalry that makes a game special but what a team’s roster has to show case, in overcoming its hurdles.

The Lakers, who are the NBA defending champions, are considered the firm favorites to prevail not because they are playing at home but for the reason that they have a better head to head record against the Cavs. The Lakers dominance in the Western conference can be underlined by the fact that they are firmly occupying the pole position.

The Cavs on the other hand can’t be taken for granted. Although they have been having staccato performances throughout the first quarter of the season, they have begun showing their flare. Just a few days ago they ended the Phoenix Suns 18 games home winning streak. The Cavs is one of the very few teams that can’t be under rated, whether they are on a winning or losing streak or better still whether they playing at home or away.

No matter how many times you decide to turn the statistics up and down or left and right, the game is just unpredictable. The only predictable thing is that the Lakers face their biggest test outside their own conference and the Cavs will not want to return to Ohio empty handed, especially on Christmas day.

NBA pundits are very right in pointing out that the Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs shaped the last decade. If we are to individualize the players who have shaped the last decade as well, Le Bron James and Kobe Bryant will definitely take the center stage as some of the players who have carried the league. No wander some people endlessly argued out who between them the two is the next Michael Jordan. I guess we now know the answer to that, don’t we?


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