SotNW Scout Healing Stances Scout Support Abilities in Sword of the New World

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Scouts are the utility class of Sword of the New World. They can fight, heal, and buff their party members. They can also lay traps and detect hidden monsters or things The role of a scout as healer for families and their groups is perhaps the most important. Two stances help the scout achieve this: scout and bard.

The Scout Medic Stance

This is the default stance for scouts who do not have a weapon equipped in Sword of the New World The scout will not attack or defend in the medic stance, but he will heal party members automatically. Group members in the scout’s party who are not of the same family can be targeted by the F4, F5 or F6 keys.

The abilities of the medic stance are life’s breath, antidote, Greater Heal and Mass Heal. Antidote allows poison to be removed from a character and requires anti-venom. Life’s Breath is the only first aid ability that does not require an item.

A scout character will use it automatically on injure party members, or it can be forced by using the F1, F2, or F3 keys. Greater Heal heals a greater amount than life’s breath but requires a Healing Liquor and mass heal requires 3 healing potions, but heals all family members.

The Scout Bard Stance

The bard stance in Sword of the New World builds on the idea of the scout as a support character . The Scout will steal heal family members automatically in this stance, but the abilities in the bard stance focus on improving the abilities of the group.

The abilities in the bard stance are intensify, fortify, acceleration and meditation. Intensify adds damage to the attacks of all party members and requires one mithridart, fortify increases the maximum hit points of all party members within ten meters, fortify requires an analeptic remedy and hastens the attack speed and movement rate of all party members within ten meters, and meditation, which requires food, improves the hit point and spell point regeneration rate of the group.

Other Scout Stances

The scout is capable of filling the role of a buffer and healer in Sword of the New World, but limiting a scout character to the first and stand and bard stance alone do not use the classes full potential. Sword of the New World Scouts are adept at using daggers and the scout trap stance allows a degree of crowd control in the game.

The scout’s dagger stances are shared by warriors and a number of hired characters in Sword of the New World. While warriors can use daggers, they are better off using swords instead.


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