Section 7 Christmas Gifts for Men

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Here are eight gifts ready to “vaporize” sexual passion and make sure he was celebrating Christmas this year with great happiness, as quoted Sheknows.

Condoms Christmas series

Rewarded rather than candy or socks, “heat” Christmas this year with a condom or a series of holiday-themed made like a lollipop. (can be ordered through for USD26.99 contains 24).

A set of tools kinky sex

If your husband act “bad” in bed throughout the year, then the perfect gift for him is “a blow” at the bottom. Luapkan side of his manhood with a kinky sex blindfold was in action, cuff, and paddle. (can be purchased through worth USD100).


Indulge yourself with a “vibrating ring.” Could you also attach when making out with a partner. With this gift, the bells of Santa Claus will not be the only one who “reads” the pleasure this year. (can be purchased through worth USD35).

Sexy Santa costume

You are not too old to sit still like Santa Claus greeted the children. At least, not when you’re in action role-playing before having sex with a partner. Keep the first girls’ school uniform costumes and replace with Santa Claus costumes or sexy fairy. (Santa costumes can be purchased through for $ 10.99 while the fairy costume at for USD44.99).

Erotic Christmas stories

Forget the book “The Night Before Christmas” and many other stories that are often used playgroup children to narrate Christmas. Read it to your partner “Naughty or Nice: Christmas Erotica Stories” and “The Merry Xxxmas Book of Erotica”, two books that will not put him to sleep when you read it. (can be purchased through for $ 10-12)


If greeting cards seem ordinary, it’s time to give pantygram for couples. Imagine her face when she opened the envelope and found a black heart shape cut in half in the red underwear. (can be purchased through for USD24.95)

Presents? Your own!

Imagine what your imagination about who wrapped sexy lingerie, high heels, and red hat a la Santa. Dressed like that, waiting his arrival in the bedroom. You have given him the best gift I never imagined so far.


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