Top 10 Hair Styling Mistakes

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If you have more than your fair share of bad hair days, it’s probably not your hair’s fault. Your bad habits may be to blame, specifically your bad hair styling habits. Read these top 10 hair styling mistakes and see how many you are committing against your hair.

1-Skipping regular haircuts. A haircut only lasts 4-8 weeks, after that the haircut looses it’s shape and the hair is difficult to style.

2-Working with too much hair at once, trying to create a hairstyle. When using your hair dryer, curling iron or flat iron, section your hair off just like your hair stylist does at the salon. Use clips to keep hair sections held in place and concentrate the heated styling on one hair section at a time.

3-Frying your hair with heated styling tools. Protect your hair from heat damage by using a thermal styling spray, a diffuser on your hair dryer and always use low to medium heat on all hair styling tools.

4-Neglecting to hair roots. Starting at your hair’s roots with styling products and blow drying will ensure volume and bounce.

5- Using the wrong size barrel brush. A general rule of thumb: Short hair=small barrel (1 inch) the longer the hair, the larger the barrel.

6- Applying hair styling product to dry hair. With the exception of sprays intended to protect dry hair from heat, all styling products should be applied to wet hair. Products are easier to distribute through wet hair ad won’t get glopped up in one place.

7-Using to much hair styling product. Too much hair gel, hair serum or styling mousse will ruin the best intended hair styles.

8-Using the wrong products for your hair. Match your hair styling product with the type of hair that you have for best results.

9-Not allowing your hair to cool down after heat styling. Hair needs to be completely cool before removal of rollers or brush, or you ruin the curl or wave you just tried to make.

10-Using the wrong hair accessory to create a ponytail. Any hair accessory other than a snag-free elastic ponytail holder is going to break your hair. Puling your hair back into a ponytail while the hair is still wet will also break hair strands.


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