Three Sites That Offer Free Family Web Pages

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Three Sites That Offer FREE Family Web Pages

Websites are not only for business owners or bloggers, they’re for families too.  Through websites and web pages, family members and friends are able to connect with each other.  Sharing photos and videos has never been easier.

Family web pages are becoming more and more popular nowadays because it allows you to have your own family space online.  You can proudly share your pictures and videos to family and friends.  Best of all, it’s free! 

Here are some websites where you can build your family web pages for free.

This site allows you to create a free family web page where you can share family photos, videos and news.  You can showcase your family tree online and organize family events.

On this site you can create a private website for your family.  It is free, and it will guide you step by step to create your free family website.

This website allows your family to stay connected online by sharing photos, videos and stories.  You can also start a blog for your friends and family.  It allows you to share privately so you can decide who can join and participate in your family group.  It is also free to join.

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