Glitter Painting Made Simple

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A simple print can be turned from ordinary into extra ordinary with the addition of glitter. Glitter painting is an inexpensive and simple craft that can be enjoyed by artists of all ages. These step by step instructions make glitter painting simple.

The items you will need to create a glitter painting are as follows:

A print or photograph, either of which can be purchased or downloaded from your computer and printed out on card stock paper.

A mat board or wooden painting panel the same size as your print or picture.

Glitter in assorted colors.

Paper baking cups (the kind used to bake cupcakes)

Craft glue in a squeezable bottle that has a fine tip.

Craft knife.

Craft glue stick.

Once you have decided on the print or photograph you will use for your glitter painting, attach it to the mat board or wooden painting panel with the craft glue stick. Trim excess paper with craft knife.

Lay down a sheet of newspaper and place your prepared print or photograph on it and decide where you want glitter and what color of glitter you want to use. Place each color of glitter that you will be using in a separate paper baking cup.

Take the bottle of craft glue with the fine point and carefully outline just one section of the print that you want to put glitter on. Once it is outlined, fill in the space with glue. Sprinkle the glitter, using the rim of the paper baking cup as a spout, into the glued area, being careful to fully cover the area.

Remove any excess glitter by standing the print upright and allowing the excess glitter to fall off on the newspaper. Set print to the side and curve the newspaper like a funnel and pour the excess glitter back into the proper paper baking cup.

Place the newspaper back down and the print on the top and proceed to start adding glue to the next area of the print you want to add glitter to. Continue until you have as much glitter or as little glitter as you want on the print.

You can cover an entire print with glue, or just add one little pop of glitter color to a print or photograph. Mix glitter colors for an even more dramatic color effect.

Glitter painting made simple. A print, glue and glitter is the basic components to this easy craft.


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