Cheese Cake (If you rate my then ill rate yours the same)

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There are many different types of cheese cakes:

Choclate Cheese Cake – the best choclate to use is hersheys, but if you dont like hersheys then try something new. You could also heat the choclate up and melt it onto the strawberries on the cheesecake.

Cherry Cheese Cake – You can buy  regular cherries or you coul get the cherry syrup and pour it onto the contents of the cake. I perfer both on my cheesecake.

Strawberry Cheese Cake – Just place any strawberries either in or on the cake. Again you should try to be very creative, perhaps do strawberries in the center and strawberry syrup on the top.

Blueberry Cheese Cake –  Place bluberries on the cheesecake, you could be very artsy and do a special face with them or decorate it, however you choose.

To learn how to do a basic, plain creamy cheesecake without any toppings, you should find a good website that list all the ingredients not just the most important ones. Remember dont heat cheesecake up eat it cold but not frozen cold. If you want to have a very festive thanksgiving, or a christmas dinner with your family, just remember to be creative while you cook. Creativity is the foundation of a marvelous masterpiece.If you are having a christmas dinner i suggest cherry cheesecake or strawberry with choclate filling. It is a wonderful way to expand your knowlegde and your tummy on very yummy delicious deserts. Please rate 5 stars, im trying to get enough money raised for my bestfriends mother who is suffering from cancer and needs help paying for the hospital bills. I love you all for ratin, thank you so very much, good bye! =)


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