The I’m Gonna Syndrome

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I’m gonna write this post. I’m gonna get my driver’s license. I’m gonna go back to school. I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna. Don’t you get tired of hearing that? After awhile you tune the person out and nod your head hoping that the person shut up. If your not gonna do something don’t pretend that you will.

Anyone can talk about achieving a goal. DOING gets things accomplished. TALKING gives you false confidence and strength. It’ll make you feel good temporarily, but later on you can become depressed from INACTIVITY. The soul wants you to strive for goals to stretch your mind and abilities.

When you don’t, you let yourself down and others. You begin regretting not chasing your dreams. Also, friends and family could have been counting on you to succeed. Your ACTIONS may have possibly pushed them to go after their dreams.

RESULTS matter not talking. I’m not perfect and neither are you. Each of us put off things. Sometimes it’s FEAR, FAMILY ISSUES, HEALTH, PROCRASTINATION or it can be something else. But once in awhile, there’s something you don’t do that can have a major impact on your future.

For example, you keep saying your gonna visit the doctor. You say this for years. When you go he discovers a tumor. Six years ago, you were single, childless and living with your parents. You told friends of your dreams to study Sports Medicine. Now, you have to work and find a babysitter so you can attend college. Of course this dream is still possible.

But you have to make adjustments. Make a list of your goals. Picture them. Consider affirmations. Have a productive friend monitor progress towards your goals. Select the best method to achieve your goals. Keep BELIEVING and ACHIEVING. And don’t tell me what your GONNA DO!


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