Childrens activity clubs

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Imps club is for children aged 2-7 years old. Each class is based on a theme using elements of a martial arts class. For example, Balance, children will learn about balance and take part in a variety of activities using balance skills.

As well as balance children also learn about awareness team work, discipline as well as many other using games and activities to help their learning of each skill. As well as learning it is also an important factor that children have fun whilst at the class.

The great thing about the class is that the kids have fun while learning something. There are some competitive elements to the class where the kids compete in circuits. Each class is fun and helps kids develop confidence and many other skills required for everyday life!

As a mum I would recommend any other mum finding a local club based in the uk as there childis bound to have some fun.

There is a website for you to check out

I personally think a mum should encourage a child to socialise with other children as soon as they possibly can and at the age of 2 this is a perfect start to help a childs development as well social skills and all the other skills that are taught in the classes.

What’s more is the kids get a certificate at the end of each 12 week programme and a coloured belt as if they were at a karate class!

There are some moves hidden in the adventure stories  but these are very basic and included blocks, punches and kicks. Unlike your traditional karate class the kids are not aware they have learnt a martial art move. But it does help them if they decide to continue to a martial arts class!

I recommend Imps club highly.


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