Poems On Advice

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Perfect Man

Make thoughts your aims
Keep away from dames
Try and be a dauntless
For a life with a fraught to suppress

Talk to crowds and keep your virtue
Don’t pretend for what is not true
Be honest and fetch your best
Keep your head even though plagued by the rest
Be a pearl of an oyster
Don’t be treated as an imposter

Give up lies,even if lied
Don’t keep a heart with an anger abide
Give up hatred,even if hated
Give love, you will be good rated

Win, and make a heap of all your winnings
If u loose,start at your beginnings
Never think of loss
Challenge to win and be the boss

Give way to things which are new
Get attached to it like a sniew
Dream to fly with the eagle
Don’t fool and do something illegal

You get all if u go
Like a damp moss don’t slip your toe
“Forget it” you say
Then,there’s the doom’s day

If you can
Always think you can
No doubt my son,you will be the perfect man

Father And Son

When you are still young
You have a long way to complete the seven stages of life
You can mould, make a change
Decide a path to be travelled
Make a goal

Don’t hesitate, don’t laze
Don’t wait until the 11th hour
Perish this thought
Let the seed be sown when it is to be

When you watch and cherish others
Take their good parts
Try to be one of them

No matter what they tell you
Wherever they take you
Find your own way back
What you believe is true..

Written By:Siddhant Kaddu

St.Peter’s School,Panchgani


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