Is Finding the Perfect Husband a High-Yielding Asset?

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I haven’t been watching the news the whole week. And there was nothing interesting on Star World, I decided I’ll tune in to Fox or CNN. While busily preparing lunch, the feature on India’s consumer trend caught my attention. People who have the cash turned to Indian Art which they consider will eventually be a high yielding asset. This trend I believe is true for other financially able individuals in other countries. Well, anyway, because I am not rich, I pretended I was while I was cooking my lunch of chicken.

This led me to my YM status message the whole day which read “Is investing on the perfect husband a high yielding asset?” A few people actually started messaging me, including my dad, who thank God has no idea about status messagesand just asked how I was doing. Well anyway, my unintentional survey yielded the following replies: 
2 – “No. More of a liability”
3 – “Yes.”
1 – extraneous variable (reply was “snatch Bill Gates”)

Well, perhaps the profile of the people who answered will shed some light. The two who answered negative are 30+ single and opinionated women. The three who said yes, well, two of them are very good friends going way back in college — one is happily married, the other one in a fruitful relationship for over ten years. The other one is my fabulous brother who as an economist warned me that, “Yes, it could be high yielding but take note, it’s high risk as well.” The ones who said no are people I’m not really that close with. The three who said “aye” do not only consist of my greatest friends but my kin as well. So I maybe perhaps biased with where I’m leaning towards but these three people I’ve admired for logic.

Since my first marriage proposal at 21 , I have been a self-proclaimed commitment phobic. I cannot give symptoms nor proof gathered through scientific method but that incident singularly led me to introspection. I am not against commitment  per se, but it’s the fear of not having the kind of marriage I want. I’m not going say the ideal marriage or perfect — full stop — but maybe, the perfect marriage FOR ME. So, I guess the best term that would fit me would be control freak.

Ergo, finding the right fit or the perfect husband is a wise investment and yes, it would involve high risk. And of course, to be successful in any form of investment, one must be willing to take risks. Well, in my case that would have to be calculated risks. 

I would have to go with the answers of the people I know well and who know me well. Isn’t that the reason that I chose them to be my friends? … Because in reality we have similar core philosophies but varied ways of expressing them. 

So do I invest on the perfect husband? By golly, YES! But that would have to wait when I do have the finances to invest. Otherwise, I’d be short changing myself or God forbid, setting up myself for a less superior lineage.


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