WoW Artisan First Aid Quest: How to Get Your World of Warcraft Character’s Bandaging Skill Past 225.

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First aid is a handy skill for any adventurer in World of Warcraft. Downtime can be reduced or someone with no other healing abilities can help out a group or raid by quickly applying a bandage to a fellow player. Raising the first aid skill past 225 in the World of Warcraft requires that an alliance player complete the triage quest in Dustwallow Marsh and speak to Doctor Gustaf Van Howsen. Horde trainers need to visit the Arathi Highlands and see an NPC named Doctor Gregory Victor.

Artisan First Aid Prerequisites

Before a World of Warcraft character can learn the artisan first aid skill level, he must be at least level 35 and have a first aid skill of 225. The locations for the artisan first aid Horde and alliance quest NPCs are different, but the quest requirements are the same.

The Artisan First Aid Quest

Once a character speaks to the NPC appropriate for his faction and given the artisan first aid quest, the player will be asked to save fifteen patients before six patients die from their injuries. The quest NPC gives the player a stack of triage bandages. The patients who need to be saved by the character are in critically, badly injured, and injured statuses.

The artisan first aid quest can be completed easily if a character can find another player on the same quest.

Quest Steps:

  1. Move the camera position to a point where all the patient beds can be seen (This should be in the center of the room.)
  2. Put the Triage bandages in a slot on the hot key bar
  3. Heal the badly injured and injured patients by using the triage bandages
  4. Let the Critically Injured Patients Die

The critically injured patients die too quickly for the artisan candidate to save them and complete the quest requirements. Starting with the bad patients and then moving to the injure will allow the artisan first aid candidates to save enough people to earn the quest reward.

The Artisan First Aid Quest Reward

If a character fails the artisan first aid quest, the triage bandages remain in his inventory and the triage bandages can be used in group or solo play A World of Warcraft character who succeeds in saving fifteen patients should not have any bandages left over and can now learn the artisan first aid skill level. After a player achieves a skill level of 300, he must journey to the Outlands to learn the master first aid level.


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