Goals and what to do with them

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Today has been a good day. Why? Well I am looking at the brighter side of everything because this is the way I want to feel. I look in the news and see death and bad things all around but I must stay focused on what it is that I need to do in order to be where I want to be. We are only on earth for so long and we must find what it is that we are good at and SHARE it as well.

Goals and dreams are a need in order to keep going. Think about it most businesses start on but a dream. The group of people or person behind that business saw a need and fulfilled that need. To me that is what goals are made of and how they become a reality. I listen to music that motiavates me this is a key in my life at the moment I have a lot of people in my life telling me what I am doing is a waste of time. Well you know I feel that makes me want to do what I do more. I learn everyday and take the day and night as something new and I use the internet to do this. I write everyday about things that matter to others and I share it in as many ways as I can. While doing this I make money but that is just part of it. I am helping others learn, and earn and find their passions about life.

I know some people will not enjoy or like this article because I try to look at life in a happy mode instead of being bored or depressed all day. I love life and I enjoy it everyday. Do not get me wrong I have bad days but I am trying to look at those days as learning how to deal with life better. Turning a negatives into a posititve. So I hope anyone that reads this enjoy it and soak it up. Good luck on any adventures you come across.


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