How to be a tennisser

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the first thing what you need to learn is how to serve. You can serve underhand or upper hand. you have many services in tennis take as example a slice serve. Now the easiest serve is flat serve. First use the continentalgrip. Then you will toss the ball and bring your arm up at the same time. As last hit the ball at it’s highest point. This were the instructions of “How To Do A Flat serve”. Lets proceed with the next step. “A lob”

Next step is how to do a lob. You can give a lob with your backhand and your forehand. To give a lob is pretty easy, even for a beginner. you can use a lob when your opponent is by the net. The lob looks like a form of a rainbow. You hold your racket flat and hit the ball. thats the way how to do a lob. Next “The topspin”

The next step is Top spin. the trick how to do a top spin is simple. Hold your vertical and imagine that your racket is a clock hold you racket from 11 to 5 ( example : if you are doing it good you should have this \ ) (11/5). the ball will go slow, but when the ball bounch at the ground it will go forward with an amazing effect. Next “A Slice”

The next step is how to do a slice.You must do a slice with your backhand. a slice is a amateur-advanced technque. To do a slice you must give the ball back. The advantage of a slice it that the ball isn’t going to bounch high. But if you give to much back spin to the ball, then the ball wouldn’t move or the ball move back. thats the way how to do a Slice ( this is the the way how to do a slice during a rally ) The next step is how to do boomerang snake.

The next step and the last step is Boomerang snake ( banana shot- nadal ). to do a boomerang snake is really difficult. But if you practice it a lot you can do it just in 3 days. To do a snake is to make with your racket oppostie C curve with your forehand. you can also give a snake with your backhand but that to dangerous for childeren under the 15. but if you want to learn how to give a snake with backhand you can send me a message to my bukisa acount  (boomerang snake is for righthanded i don’t know how lefty it do so sorry)


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